Where can you cowork?

Independent workers have historically enjoyed getting together to work, it’s not a new phenomena. When looking at venues for coworking then let’s start with the traditional popular meeting spots.

  1. Libraries can be great places to hook up however please remember to ssshhh, keep it down other there. Check out the British Library near St Pancras to experience some serious coworkers, it’s all free of course so get there early for top seats near the cafe. I really like the vibrancy of the space and there’s always something going on. The desk and booths are amazing and unique to the space. Local libraries also tick a lot of boxes for socialising, free wifi and photocopying / printing. Central Library in Manchester also has impressive space to meet others and get your head down.
  2. Free venues can vary from local council office to venues that open during the day for the public. My favourite is Festival Hall on the South Bank in London. This is an amazing coworking spot and i’ve seen people use the space to arrange formal meetings, hook up with other workmates or just check e-mails. They even have powerpoints in floors and desks to assist those who need to re-charge. Now that’s service ladies and gents! Great bars and cafes also help put this venue in the Champs League for workspaces.
  3. Private companies and big businesses are keeping a keen eye on desk spaces and the ‘market’. Feel free to enter these spots but be careful that they don’t steal your soul when you’re dowloading that listicle. Google Campus in trendy Shoreditch is the daddy with free space for the techies who have no money after rent. There’s a lot of good seating, organised talks and access to an accelerator in the office block. Get there early though, the desks fly. Other freebie spaces include Virgin Money lounges and the odd pop up from Three or O2.
  4. Cafes, mmm now there’s a funny category. Themed cafes have popped up across cities offering cereal, feline company and now coworking. Yes I know this is nothing new, people have worked in cafes for centuries. However, we now have the fab Ziferblat @ziferblatedgest charging you for the time spent in the cafe (6p a minute) as opposed to charging for drinks. All drink and snackages are free and you can access some amazing meeting rooms. This place is hard to not like, take a trip to the cafes in london and Manchester to see what I mean.
  5. There are a large array of coworking offices now popping up across the UK.  Improved connectivity, mobile phones and the rise of freelance workers has created a demand for local spaces to work outside of the home.  These spaces offer a unique service to the growing number of small businesses and freelancers in the area while others have other points of difference. The Hub in London @hubislington and beyond support socially beneficial businesses and not for profits. On my visits i’ve met some great people who love the coworking ethos and help create a special atmosphere. Elsewhere Central Working and We Work are now large multinational companies and cater generally for the well connected and well off. Think gentlemen’s club meets funky office and you’ll be there. Hard on the wallet but great for networking and meeting the right folk.
    There are a lot of independent and affordable coworking offices at a local level with community at the heart of everything they do. My faves after altspace are huckletree and @work hubs in London and the skiff in Brighton. A quick search will help you find your local coworking office, and will open up your business to all of the benefits of collaboration and working with like minded people. This is how you’ll grow your business, share success and find true support. Give it a go! 🙂

altspace coworking office – 19-23 Stamford New Road, Altrincham, South Manchester. WA14 1BN Desks from as little as £9 a day, contact steve@altspace.club


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