Small businesses discuss marginal gains at altspace

We hosted our first networking event at altspace coworking office last night in partnership with the Federation of Small Businesses.  There’s a great synergy between the FSB and altspace for we both provide a much needed service to small business owners.  Collectively we provide support through networking opportunities, educational facilities and access to a professional work environment. However, there are less obvious benefits that aren’t experienced without active involvement with both. This takes the form of informed legal and technical assistance from the FSB and via the collaboration of members at altspace.  These intangible perks attracted over 20 small business owners along to introduce their businesses and hear Business Growth expert Mark Dyble give an informative speech over the evening.

Mark discussed the advantages of improving the services surrounding your key product / service offering.  This will leave your customers with a great memory of your company over and above the satisfaction of the transaction.  Value is generated by the unexpected and I felt this resonated well with the room who appreciated the free evening and the encouragement of the FSB.  When given the chance to discuss coworking I focused on the intangible benefits to working with other businesses and the serendipitous encounters that members have experienced over the last 2 months.  We’ve worked hard to make the office uplifting and aim to offer an amazing working environment which to me are basics for a successful coworking space.  The extras in the space are the interactions, feedback and partnerships of our community members.

When was the last time you were blown away by a small, unexpected gesture or gift?  At  a corporate level big businesses are taking notes with the free coffee at Pret or piece of fruit at Tesco being small gives but leaving a great memory with consumers.  For the small trader this could take the form of extra help or amazing service levels and will help you achieve an edge over your competitors and generate some amazing loyalty for the future.

There are a huge variety of businesses in South Manchester and Cheshire and it was great to witness the energy in the room yesterday evening.  Networking events are a great leveller helping with problem solving and inspiring us all, irrespective of our industry or vocation.  It’s important that we embrace these opportunities to get together and share our stores to ensure future success in business.

The next FSB / altspace networking event will be on the 24th April ( 6-8 pm  ).


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